Why Use an ESL Recruiter?



Why Do Schools Use Recruiters?

Schools use recruiters for a number of reasons.

1. Reputable schools can be quite specific and very selective of their teachers. Interviewing numerous applicants for a single position is time consuming and expensive. This is why many schools rely on recruiters to find them teachers. They send their teaching specs to the agency, and the agency then sifts through their database to find teachers that are a match.

2. Many schools don’t have the time or resources to interview teachers on their own. Using an agency allows school managers to do what they do best, which is running the school.

3. Teacher placement agencies have access to various levels of teacher candidates, ranging from graduates with little or no experience, to those who have taught abroad for years.

4. Schools can also expect a lower teacher turnover rate. This is because recruiters will do their best to keep teachers happy. They have specific methods for matching teachers to job postings.

5. It’s expensive to hire a new teacher. Schools that use recruiters understand that the applicants that they have from their ESL placement agency are applicants that have already been taken through a thorough screening process. Teachers are less likely to leave their jobs when they have all the facts up front.

6. Recruiters reduce the need for schools to have bilingual HR staff.

Why Do Teachers Use Recruiters?

Teachers use recruiting agencies for a number of reasons.

1. Recruiters can help teachers find legitimate contracts and fair compensation.

2. Wading through a school employment contract can be daunting, especially when the school is located overseas. Recruiters have a good and thorough understanding of the types of contracts out there, and they will be able to go through the fine print with you in detail.

3. Experienced teachers also use agencies. While it’s possible for them to find employment on their own, many experienced teachers enjoy the additional benefits that agencies can offer.

How do I know if a recruiting agency is legitimate?

A legitimate agency is a licensed company that deals directly with schools. It doesn’t rely on third parties to do their business. Look for companies with professional websites and experienced English speaking staff that have experience teaching in the countries you’re interested in.

  • Look for hidden charges in your contracts. A legitimate company won’t ever charge you for a position or take a portion of your salary.

  • Look for agency reviews from fellow teachers.

  • Your agent should be able to answer specific questions about potential contracts, including information on the exact location of the school, the salary, the start date, the total number of teaching hours, and other job related questions.

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